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That Circle - Award Winning Song and Video

 That Circle was released in April 2020 and is since then, one of the most played Beat Noir Deluxe Songs.

The song is about the right to be oneself – a right that is constantly being challenged by prejudice from outside. Heterogeneous groups of people are “circled” based on a commonality - sexual orientation, skin color, origin, religion, etc. - and categorized. This attitude often leads to discrimination and degradation of the individual.

The Video has been directed and produced by Thomas Perathoner (44 Production).and won several awards.

Special Thanks to the whole team participating in the creation. The cast is the following:

Sascha Giacomuzzi and Doris Warasin.
Dancers – É DANZA: Camilla Sembianti, Alex Aufderklamm, Gliulia Manica, Camilla Bernardoni, Giulia Cramarossa
Steve Proctor, Niky Argento, Amigdala

Thomas Perathoner – Director; Producer
Ivo Lucchin – DOP
Sara Pergher - scenografia
Petra Tartarotti – 1. AD
Francesco Sandonà – focus puller
Luca Vescovi – Gaffer
Ariane Menz – Make Up
Sigrid Schwarzer – Cosutmi
Yuri Massaro – Editing
Ivo Lucchin – Color Correction
Paolo Brillo – Set photos


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