Beat Noir Deluxe
is an alternative electronic music project led by singer, songwriter/composer and producer Sascha G.

Beat Noir Deluxe has alternatively been labelled synthpop, futurepop, dark wave, indie electronic, post-punk and trip hop. 


With Beat Noir Deluxe, Sascha G. performs on drums, keyboards and guitar. He sings and arranges the songs with his Digital Audio Workstation. He made his first musical steps in the 1990s when his fascination for analogue synthesizers and the new possibilities offered by electronic sound engines saw him participate in several alternative music projects.
After a long break away from music, in 2019 Sascha G. decided to start creating music again and formed Beat Noir Deluxe. This decision was heavily influenced by a serious 2017 car crash in which he almost lost his life.


Beat Noir Deluxe's music blends loneliness and defiance with melodic tunes and lyrics that are mostly introspective, sometimes provocative and always asking for tolerance.

Beat Noir Deluxe is based in Bolzano/Bozen in Italy.

Featuring artists: Annika Borsetto, Doris Warasin, Lisa Anesi, Thomas Varesco, Stefan Pattis.

Label: Echozone

Photos: Paolo Brillo, Luca Guadagnini.
Models: Amigdala, Niky Argento

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