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New Single and Video "I cannot breathe" out now


Beat Noir Deluxe, new synthpop/darkwave act from Italy, releases the new single “I Cannot Breathe” Friday 26th on all digital platforms for streaming and download. It is the first single of second Album of the project of mastermind Sascha G. named “Werk 2”.

The Single will have a remix by Monotronoic and a Videoclip.

Beat Noir Deluxe released their first Album one year ago and had notable chart positionings in the German Alternative Charts and several videoclips won rewards (e.g. Global Music Award/USA).

The song is mixed by Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand/Future Lied to Us).

Beat Noir Deluxe's music blends loneliness and defiance with melodic tunes and lyrics that are mostly introspective, sometimes provocative and always asking for tolerance. “I cannot breathe” is about how love can hurt when the other can't reciprocate.

What the press says about Beat Noir Deluxe:

Orkus Magazine (11.05.2020)

„Crash kann Song für Song seine Position auf einem oberen Level halten.“

Side Line Magazine (11.05.2020)

„… Applaus!“

Sharpshooter Pics (8.4.2020)

„… Die Produktion hat eine verdammt hohe Qualität für ein Debüt, in der Summe ist das Album sehr ausgeglichen…“

Amusio (15.4.2020)

„… bei aller gegebenen Eingängigkeit werden Haken geschlagen, die woanders kaum gewagt werden… Top-Album!“

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